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As a consequence of being very active composers and songwriters, we have a large back-catalogue of short and long cues that either haven't been used in projects or used in projects where we have kept the copyright. A selection of these tunes are therefore available for licensing. Click on the Play-button to listen to the cues.

Info: Should you be interested in licensing one or more of the following tracks, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Pirate Dance
Pirates singing about being pirates. Comedy, uplifting, piratey, accordion and singing.
1987 - Glenn Medeiros
A funny, kind of nauseating, instrumental 1980's pastiche.
The Sultry Trombone
A short, jazzy, sexy trombone-tune. Burlesque, dancing, variety-show.

Time Passes While Traveling
General ethnic inspired cue. Relaxed, moody, tender, progressive beat, ethnic flutes.
Imperial Garden LOOP
Chinese inspired mood-track with flutes, chinese violins and subtle percussion.

Welcome to the show (LOOP)
Happy 'Show-jazz'. Cheerful, welcoming, jazz-trio, piano, bass, drums.

The Warriors Return
The tired, but victorious, warriors return from battle. Many short melodic segments. Epic, varied, powerful, orchestral.
In My Treehouse By The Lake
Really melancholic, orchestral cue. Powerful, pompous, epic, dreamy, sad, longing.

The Last Week of December
Christmas-track with lots of small melodic segments. Happy, powerful, orchestral, fun, Christmasy
Oh, Come All Ye Faithful
A powerful, epic performance of this Christmas classic. Live-feeling, orchestral, epic, concert hall, applause.